Custom Report Earns $4,000,000 Contract For Perfectsoftware Client


Dan Beards, Vice President of Human Resources for CGS, needed a customized affirmative action report that could be produced on demand from their hrWindows HRIS. He called up PerfectSoftware headquarters and spoke directly to the Senior Developer. This report, worth a $4,000,000 contribution to the bottom line of the organization, had to be submitted to the government agency within 3 days.

Computer Generated Solutions, a major technical consulting firm in New York City, recognized that a very lucrative market within their range of expertise was government contracting. However, any federal or state agency requires their contractor to have an affirmative action program in place, and be able to illustrate this program’s success through an accurate, detailed analysis of its workforce.

For CGS, this analysis would have to be produced on demand, directly from hrWindows, and include current, up-to-the-minute demographic data.
A PerfectSoftware Technical Consultant was immediately dispatched on the project for CGS. They chose an existing hrWindows EEO report to modify, and using Seagate Crystal Reports, produced a customized report to meet CGS’ exact specifications.


CGS won a government contract worth over 4 million dollars by utilizing the “intimate” level of service provided to PerfectSoftware clients. They were able to deliver the necessary detailed affirmative action report needed to procure this important contract. In addition, CGS can now pursue other federal and state contracts, meeting the necessary detailed reporting requirements.

Organizational Overview

CGS Professional Services is a leading provider of technology services to fortune 1000 companies throughout the world, with the expertise for projects of any size, scope, or duration. Their goal is to minimize risk and increase productivity as each client implements their strategic initiatives.
CGS has created a broad range of Technology Practices resulting in The Composite Solution — an integrated suite of services that can be utilized separately or combined in innovative ways for even greater efficiencies. CGS’ services include:

  • Applications Outsourcing ensuring a seamless transition of a company’s legacy systems.
  • New Systems development, crafting customized solutions to each client’s individual needs.
  • Year 2000 Solutions with ITAA certified methodology.
  • Conversions & Migrations to new technologies while leveraging its current technology investment.
  • A Customer-Centric Philosophy ensuring every client the best solutions delivered on-time and within budget.

CGS selected hrWindows after evaluating 5 different HRIS packages. According to Dan Beards, Vice President of Human Resources, “the other packages did not have everything that hrWindows had ,everything from one screen, easy to use, tight integration with our ADP payroll system. The one we chose had to be easy to use, but very powerful to create reports, manage benefits administration and lots of customization for CGS.”
Prior to selecting hrWindows, CGS relied on their old fashioned paper filing system with carbon copies, and several Excel spreadsheets that required much duplication of data. This system was particularly time consuming and difficult to administer, with lots of redundant paperwork. Reporting and analysis of demographic data was difficult if not impossible – a scenario familiar to many middle market organizations.

hrWindows “revolutionizes” CGS HR Department
Time critical issues such as producing reports no longer exist. Beards states that “I used to go into the payroll file to get salary info, and it took hours to create reports. With hrWindows, I just press a button. When I call with a problem, it is worked on immediately until resolved.

The support is very reliable. Its nice to know that your issue will be resolved, and quickly.” PerfectSoftware continues to provide the type of customer support and technical services required for CGS to retain their competitive edge in the marketplace.