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Criterion is ideal for mid-sized companies seeking:

  • Page 1 Created with Sketch. Comprehensive HCM solutions.
  • Page 1 Created with Sketch. Scalable solutions able to grow along with their companies.
  • Page 1 Created with Sketch. To engage the entire organization (from the c-suite to functional leaders to managers. and employees) in HCM processes.
  • Page 1 Created with Sketch. Maximum flexibility and configurability without sacrificing functionality and stability.

The Benefits of Criterion

  • Greater Accuracy

    Our single, unified database enhances the accuracy, timeliness and integrity of your workforce data. Everyone uses the same accurate data to drive their decision-making.

  • Greater Efficiency

    We streamline and automate your labor-intensive, time-consuming HCM tasks and processes—from benefits administration to payroll, applicant tracking, performance reviews and beyond.

  • Improved Talent Management

    We help you manage the entire talent lifecycle more effectively by seamlessly orchestrating applicant tracking, onboarding, performance reviews and ongoing learning and development.

  • Cost Savings

    We help you reduce costs in a number of ways including automating and eliminating manual processes, improving workflows, generating time and labor savings and simplifying benefits administration.

  • Empower Managers & Employees

    Thanks to our simple, modern interface and a powerful set of self-service capabilities, managers and employees use Criterion with greater frequency and satisfaction than other HCM tools.

  • Data-Driven Decision Making

    We put the right data at your company’s fingertips at every stage of the talent lifecycle.

Reasons You’ll Love Criterion

  • 1An elegant user experience, depth of functionality and quality typically found only in enterprise solutions.
  • 2Built for the real-world needs of mid-sized companies like yours using feedback from client organizations, partners and end users.
  • 3We respond to your needs and functional issues with speed and a sense of urgency that other companies don’t come close to.
  • 4We’re led by a team of passionate industry veterans devoted to delighting clients every day and continually improving our solutions.
  • 5We’ve served the HCM needs of the mid-market for more than 30 years. We know your challenges and understand your needs.