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Why Criterion

Comprehensively Managing HR, Benefits, and Payroll. That’s Truly and Delightfully Your Own.

If doing HR, benefits, and payroll feels like more of a chore than a delight, you’re partnering with the wrong company. At Criterion, we believe one thing using your HCM platform should be exciting, and we’ve been converting doubters for decades. The recipe for that excitement is simple: Offer a modern HR, benefits, and payroll platform that does everything your organization needs and doesn’tmake you change your processes to use it with a beautiful interface that makes you wish every other piece of software was this easy to use. You see, we listen to our customers obsessively, proactively updating our platform so that it gets better every time they use it. If that wasn’t enough, our platform is open and extensible, allowing you to use the other software you need in close collaboration with your workforce data.

Deep functionality

The Criterion HCM platform offers comprehensive functionality that lets you manage all areas of your HR and payroll processes, including time and attendance, performance, learning, recruiting, and more.

Open ethos

If you have a specific system you want to continue using, we want to make it better. You can integrate many systems into Criterion’s core HR and payroll functionality.

Sensible product

We built the Criterion HCM platform with real people in mind. While we are constantly improving the platform, we take a sensible approach so you never miss a beat.

Beautiful design

Design is more than having the right colors or a modern interface. It’s about having a platform that is a joy to use, with an experience that is designed to be natural to navigate and, yes, beautiful.