Perfect software changes name to criterion

Defining the industry standard for midmarket hcm

NORWALK, Connecticut (July 03, 2014) — PerfectSoftware announced today that it is changing its name to Criterion to reflect its position as the industry standard for midmarket human resources solutions. Criterion HCM — the Criterion HR, benefits, and payroll platform — is a fully featured, extensible suite that focuses on ease of use and flexibility, so companies don’t have to change their process to fit their HR software.

“We believe the market deserves better than the current solutions, which are incomplete or that dictate your processes,” said Sunil Reddy, CEO of Criterion. “You should be excited when you open your HCM platform, not depressed. The work we’ve done and continue to do on our platform — along with our name change — shows a commitment to that idea”

Criterion was established in 1984 and has a long track record of developing comprehensive and flexible HR, benefits, and payroll solutions for its clients. 2014 has seen significant product enhancements, and an investment by Redstone Ventures has Criterion positioned for growth in this underserved market.

“Midmarket companies need a complete, easy-to-use HCM platform that plays nicely with the other software they use to manage their workforce,” Reddy said. “Our open platform means you don’t have to abandon what is working in your organization. That is why our clients are so excited about what we’ve done and where we’re going.”

About Criterion

Criterion is a leading provider of modern HCM platform to comprehensively manage HR, Benefits and Payroll. We have focused exclusively on the unique needs of midmarket since 1984. Our platform is functionally deep, open, sensible and beautiful. To find out more, please visit


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