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Let people drive your growth from the start

Find, engage and retain the top talent to grow your franchise business.

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The leading franchisees trust Criterion - since 1984
  • Streamline your people processes and focus on the business goals

  • Quickly achieve revenue & profitability

    Control labor costs, boost the ROI of HR, and create teams that will move your business forward

  • Attract the right talent - the right way

    Expand your applicant tool with a customized online careers portal and bespoke recruitment workflows

  • Create engaged, high-performing teams

    Design unique learning experiences, embrace advanced analytics and track employee performance

Get a 360° view of your company

Build a single portal for everything HR - without costly add-onns.

Get help when you need it

Advance with your personal customer success manager and the 24/7 emergency line.

Streamline all admin processes

Store everything in a single, unified cloud database with hundreds of essential reports.

Criterion’s clients are getting results

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See how Pepper Construction, a $1 billion general contractor, overcame integration obstacles and dramatically cut HCM costs using Criterion.

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“Pepper is known for leveraging the most advanced technology to deliver real value. Criterion were the only ones who could partner with us to deliver what we need. Because our needs were so specific, partnering with a platform that has reliable technology was exactly what we were looking for.”

Julie Kellman,

Director of HR,
Pepper Construction

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