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Turn Complexity Into Streamlined Simplicity

Criterion’s open architecture enables rapid integration with hundreds of internal IT and data systems, as well as Cloud ERP, benefits, payroll carriers, and custom apps.

Rapid Integration & Customization

Criterion partners with leading solution partners, security vendors, technology alliances and Cloud ERP platforms to ensure you have everything you need. All in one place.


Integrate Criterion with Any Third-Party Software

Criterion's open API is the bridge between your HR data and the rest of your technological landscape. We enable seamless communication between our HCM and any other platform you use — ERPs, project management tools, and much more.

Unlike traditional file-based integrations, Criterion HCM uses a REST API, which allows for instantaneous data transmission. With Criterion, you have the power to access, manage, and synchronize all your HR, payroll, and hiring data effortlessly with any other system you want, including custom tools.

Unlimited API Call Limits

Use our API without restriction. With Criterion, you can integrate all of your tools with zero call limits. Seamlessly connect, retrieve, and interact with as much of your data as you want.

Complete Configurability

Take charge of your HCM system like never before. In Criterion, you can access all the backend tables to configure the system to your liking. We put you in control, so you can own as much of your integrations as you want.

No Syncing Delays

Achieve accurate, real-time harmony across all systems with Criterion’s REST API architecture. Say goodbye to syncing delays with instantaneous data updates between your HCM data and other platforms.


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One Global Ecosystem for HCM

Criterion is available in over 10 countries. Either direct to customers or through our global partner network.

Ready in Months. Not Years.

Criterion’s partner network includes leading resellers and some of the most trusted names in technology.


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