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Meet ch.ai:
Revolutionizing HR, Payroll, and Employee Engagement

Criterion HCM proudly presents ch.ai, our revolutionary artificial intelligence assistant that is set to transform HR and payroll management. Designed with advanced AI capabilities, ch.ai seamlessly integrates into Criterion’s robust platform to deliver a friendly, personalized, and highly efficient user experience.

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Key Features of Ch.ai

AI-Powered HR Assistant

Efficiently check time balances and more.

Predictive Analytics

Gain insights and forecast trends to stay ahead.

Offer Letter Generation

Automate personalized offer letters.

Policy Creation

Develop comprehensive policies with ease.

Resume Parsing

Quickly extract and analyze resume data.

Facial Recognition in Time Clocks

Enhance security and convenience.

Key Features of Ch.ai

ch.ai is designed to deliver a faster path to realized ROI through its flexible, friendly, and powerful platform. By automating routine tasks, providing predictive insights, and enhancing employee engagement, ch.ai empowers teams to focus on strategic initiatives that drive productivity and cost savings. This intelligent assistant transforms HR processes, ensuring a swift and impressive return on investment.

The Future of ch.ai

At Criterion HCM, we are committed to continuous innovation. The future roadmap for ch.ai includes exciting features such as personalized learning plans, immersive onboarding, internal social connections, and enhanced employee engagement tools. Each advancement will further solidify ch.ai’s role in revolutionizing HR management.

Experience the Ch.ai Difference

Criterion HCM’s ch.ai is poised to set a new standard in the HR industry, offering unmatched efficiency and a user-friendly experience. Discover how ch.ai can transform your HR and payroll operations, making complex tasks simpler and more efficient than ever before.

Talent Engagement You Can Trust

“Mid-Continent Casualty has been a user of Criterion HCM for nearly twenty years. We have always been satisfied with the quality of the products and have been more than satisfied with the level of service we received.”

Rick Simpson
Rick Simpson
Vice President of HR, Mid-Continent Casualty Company

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