Perfectsoftware announces the availability of version 6.0 of hrwindows

Sharpen your hrwindows skills and save money on your professional development with our authoritative hands-on training that will provide you with the tools and technology you need to perform your job better. Our professional trainers will give you the support you need to be proficient with all the new features and benefits that hrwindows 6.0 offers. The new version includes many enhanced features designed to make processing new hires and terminations fast and easy.

Major improvements to version 6.0 of hrwindows/hrsql include:

  1. Import/export – new integration features that allow the system to link to benefit providers, payroll companies, time-keeping systems, labor costing systems and more. Now, we can develop a flexible link to read and write data with a number of external sources. Exporting benefit enrollment information to cigna is just one example of this feature.
  2. Data integrity scripts – 6.0 can check data that has been entered when the ok button is pressed on the data entry screen, and a custom message can be displayed if certain fields are not filled in properly, or if more work is required.
  3. Benefits – a number of improvements have been made to benefits including the ability to track beneficiary percentages, effective and expiration dates for each dependent for each plan, including separate options for each dependent, and more.
  4. Calculation speed – the macroparser provides faster benefit and attendance recalculations on networked copies.
  5. Integration – the applicant system has new integration, which provides a more robust interchange between the hris and applicant systems.
  6. Wellness – there is a new area of the product to track wellness information.
  7. Legal changes – 6.0 incorporates updated osha and eeo changes, including an updated dol handbook.
  8. Benefits – expire and add – a new function is available on the employee level to expire and re-add a benefit with one click of the mouse — a major timesaver for clients that track benefit history.
  9. Proposed job – “show statistics” allows calculations of raise including percent or dollar amount and multiple frequencies ― an implemented change that resulted from client feedback at the last users conference.
  10. Age/yos calculation – you see an employee’s age and years of service without running a report ― instantly.

The systems’ interoperability with citrix, eventrix and sql server has also been greatly improved for a flawless implementation.

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