With Kotapay, Criterion Makes Direct Deposit Easier

Norwalk, CT – Criterion is proud to partner with Kotapay, which simplifies direct-deposit payroll. The integration allows a single file to be uploaded securely, making direct deposit painless and eliminating the need to upload files to multiple financial institutions.

“This integration not only saves money through the obvious ways of eliminating printed checks and postage, but will reduce administrative time overall,” said Criterion CSO Steven Kuhn. “Like every enhancement we make, it is arrived at by listening to our customers and saving them time.”

Once initiated, Criterion users can use the same system for commission and bonus payments, expense reimbursements, vendor payments, annuities & dividend/interest payments, receivables collection, 1099 payments and IRS payments.

With the integration, your employees also have access to their earnings on payday, as scheduled, even if they work remotely, are sick or on vacation. They can easily have their paycheck in multiple accounts without creating more tasks for payroll. Electronic payments are more secure than physical checks, therefore utilizing Kotapay will help to lower the risk of check fraud, as well as the time and cost of reprinting lost or stolen checks. All ACH files are run through Kotapay’s fraud detection systems to help protect against fraudulent transactions.

About Kotapay
Specializing in ACH and credit card processing, Kotapay has been in business for over 27 years, processing electronic payments for more than 100,000 clients in all 50 states. Kotapay is owned by and is a division of First International Bank & Trust, a high performing, regulated bank with over $3 billion in assets. This distinction offers peace of mind for Kotapay customers by providing the security and soundness of working with a federally insured financial institution and a national leader in the ACH industry. To learn more, visit www.kotapay.com

About Criterion
Criterion delivers the best human capital management (HCM) software user experience, functionality and value in the mid-market. Our full range of HCM solutions and state-of-the-art platform help organizations better manage the entire employment lifecycle and make data-driven workforce decisions at every stage. Criterion has served the HCM needs of mid-sized companies for more than 30 years. To learn more, visit CriterionHCM.com.