‘The Future of Work’ Explores Human Capital Management

Informal Series with Executives Seeks to Make the Most of the New Normal

Norwalk, CT – Monday, April 19, 2021

Human Capital Management has endured many disruptions, and there will surely be more ahead. Workflows are constantly being reinvented and online work environments and have been established. With a new emphasis on teamwork, today’s HR managers are being asked to provide clear, concise and consistent messaging about a workplace that is always changing.

Enter Criterion’s “Future of Work” series with thought leaders and innovative HCM executives providing an informal but insightful look at the future of the workplace, with a focus on how to stay ahead of the curve.

“The changing workplace can be challenging for employees, including HCM administrators. We think the changes are extensive and deserve community discussion,” said Criterion Chief Sales Officer Steven Kuhn. “Companies that continually re-examine the long-term implications and lessons for Human Capital Management of a changing workplace will maintain their edge into the new normal.”

New discussions are released every week. Join the community to take part in monthly live sessions, ask questions and discover how other HR & HCM key opinion leaders are moving forward. Join us as we confer with Priceline Founder Jeff Hoffman, Former President of Xerox Gerry Perkel, and many others.

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