Perfectsoftware releases upgrade to time and attendance solution

Norwalk, CT – September 21, 2010 – PerfectSoftware today announced the release of its fully-integrated time and attendance software solution with a menu of features that further streamline timecard, Web clock and biometric employee timekeeping functions.

As one of the integrated human resource management solutions within the Perfect Human Capital Management (HCM) Suite, Time and Attendance software enables automatic data entry from timecard functions that not only saves time and money but also increases accuracy. The ability to easily integrate networked card swipes, key fobs, kiosks and biometric time clock devices without any additional software to install is just one of many key features.

“Today’s companies increasingly employ a segment of their workforce that is mobile, and our latest Time and Attendance software solution provides the flexibility that meets their needs,” says Michael Gabriele, CEO. “The enhanced Employee Self-Service functions are easy to use and can be accessed anywhere by employees who work remotely.”

The Time and Attendance software module also permits employees to access their time clocks online. In addition to collecting the daily time worked, employees can securely record department, job, and additional information for each block of time. Users may also enter absences such as holiday, sick, personal, and vacation time and even add notes for each transaction. By eliminating manual time and attendance systems, companies gain control over managing labor costs, overtime hours and billing. Time and Attendance software solutions enable accurate, automatic collection of precise workforce data in real time, generating customized reports to track expenses, employee schedules, absenteeism, prevent overpayments or to ensure compliance with overtime laws.
Payroll and HR administrators can organize an employee’s time into divisions, departments, job and specific projects, as well as set time and pay policies. This can include permanent and temporary employees, salary and hourly employees, or individual office locations in different cities or states. These different classifications can be easily entered into the software and then assigned to each employee. Supervisors and managers can be added into the application and then assigned to individual employees they oversee for supervisory timecard approvals.

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  1. CSV Import / Export
  2. Exportable reports in PDF and XLS file
  3. Database backup and restore facility
  4. Customizable report header
  5. Labor distribution tracking
  6. Employee billing hours and rates
  7. Expense Tracking
  8. Employee / Manager Messaging

About Perfect Software
Founded in 1984, PerfectSoftware is a leading provider of comprehensive and flexible software to manage a company’s most valuable asset — human capital. Delivered as a software-as-a-service (SaaS) or on premise solution, its software allows companies to make informed decisions about their business based on real-time information. The company’s software solutions span the entire employee lifecycle and include Human Resource Information System (HRIS), Applicant Tracking, Payroll, Performance Management, Time & Attendance, Benefit Election & Enrollment, Salary Planning & Administration, Position Control, Alerts, Employee Self Service, COBRA Management and Ad Hoc Reporting.
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